According to the US Department of Energy, the average lifespan of air conditioners, with proper maintenance and usage, is about 15-20 years.

At Toshiba we have customers who still own and operate their Toshiba ACs for more than 25 years.

Toshiba air conditioners are designed to endure for as long as possible. It is also part of the sustainable mindset that we have. That is why we are constantly investing in technologies that extend their lifespan, such as advanced self-cleaning system and Magic Coil®, high corrosion protection of outdoor units, high voltage electronic board protection up to 10,000V and much more.

It’s true and we’re really proud of it. In fact, our first Air Conditioning Inverter was created only in 1981, at a time when energy saving was not yet a demand for many. For us, however, sustainable development has always been our core principle, as deeply rooted in all our activities as our DNA.

This is our latest technological breakthrough.

The Digital DC Twin Rotary Inverter compressor provides more stable rotation speed and reduces any unwanted vibration. Its effects are unique:

Increased efficiency. The compressor has extremely high efficiency at low rotational speeds and during long-running steady-state operation.

Energy saving. Thanks to the anti-asymmetric twin-cylinder rotation, the compressor offers great energy savings and very powerful and reliable operation.

High reliability and low noise level. Stable performance with minimal friction loss. The ideal solution for noise-sensitive applications. The noise of the outdoor unit during operation is almost negligible, and at the same time it ensures twice the life of the compressor.

From 2019 onwards, all Toshiba wall air conditioners operate with R32 refrigerant.
Models of previous years, which may still exist on the market, operate on the R410A.

Toshiba AC untis are designed on the basis of Toshiba Group in Kawasaki-shi, Japan. They then go through the production process, which takes place in various parts of the world where the Group maintains production units, such as Japan and Thailand.

In January 2020, the Group announced the creation of a new production facility in Gniezno, Poland.


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