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...for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

For every need

In a world of infinite choices and unmeasurable possibilities, Toshiba satisfies every need. The solutions offered for heating and air conditioning match your needs perfectly, down to the smallest detail and always with the best outcome.

Residential Air Conditioning

Small or large, apartment or detached house, near or far, when we enter our home, we want to feel comfortable and intimate. We want the perfect climate, in every aspect. At Toshiba, this is what leads us: to offer you products and technologies that create the perfect climate for your home.

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Commercial applications

As professionals, nothing should stop your need for more and even better. That is why, we at Toshiba never stop creating solutions and products to provide you with innovative and efficient, environmentally friendly solutions.

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Heat pumps

Toshiba's air-to-water heat pumps are the ideal solution for maximum energy savings as they use the thermal energy that is already present in the air as their main source of energy. This all-in-one system is designed to provide the right temperature for heating, hot water production and air conditioning during the summer months.

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It all started in 1875 in Japan. Two pioneers, Hisashige Tanaka - engineering genius and Ichisuke Fujioka - electricity master, decided to join forces.


For us, only excellence can be named Toshiba. In all of our smaller or larger HVAC systems, our primary concern is to create top-quality, long-lasting products.


It is in our DNA to design innovative products, just like in 1981 when we designed the first inverter air conditioner in the world. For more than 145 years we have been manufacturing products with one main goal: perfection.


Whatever we do, our unconditional commitment is to protect the environment, that is, our common, global heritage. And we support our commitments with actions.


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