Heat Pumps: the most cost-efficient heating solution that respects the environment

The heat pump is a heating and cooling system that is based on the most sustainable principle of operation: instead of generating heat by consuming energy, it pumps (hence the name “pump”) the heat that already exists in the environment and transfers it to in our space.

Air-to-water heat pumps are currently the most widespread means of heating and cooling worldwide, with uses covering all sizes and types of buildings, whether for homes or large business premises.

How does the Heat Pump work?

The air-to-water heat pump receives the thermal energy that exists in the outdoor environment and brings it into our space, heating the indoor air, as well as the water used.

It consumes minimal electricity and only during the heat pumping phase. In fact, out of the total heat generated, only 25% is attributed to electricity. This means that 75% of the heat generated by the heat pump comes entirely from the thermal energy extracted from the environment, which is a completely free, renewable and clean energy source. In this way, heat pumps manage to be the most economical heating system available.

8 important reasons to choose Heat Pumps

  1. It is the most cost-efficient heating solution: according to a study of the National Technical University of Athens “Comparison of heating costs by various technologies”, heat pumps offer economy: 33% of pellets, 44% of closed energy fireplace, 38-45% of natural gas, 61% of oil and 71% of electric boilers.
  2. Their acquisition cost can be supported by various financial aid programs for buildings energy upgrading, since heat pumps are environmentally friendly, classified as renewable energy sources and do not emit any pollutants.
  3. They can be connected to the existing plumbing radiator system and can easily replace any boiler.
  4. They do not require a special boiler room or chimney.
  5. They have the lowest maintenance costs compared to any integrated heating-cooling system.
  6. They offer very economical hot water while some heat pumps can be combined with an existing solar panel.
  7. They work in heating and cooling even during the most extreme weather conditions.
  8. The amortization of their initial investment is immediate as the savings resulting from their usage are extremely large.

Toshiba Estia Heat Pumps for up to 80% economy!

Toshiba Estia heat pumps feature Twin-Rotary DC Inverter with dual-rotary compression technology and energy efficiency certification from the Keymark*.

Thanks to their modern technology, they achieve high energy efficiency up to 120% compared to their rated power, without emptying the family’s wallet. Energy and money savings can reach 80% compared to using an oil burner, while also offering hot water up to 60°C and cooling during summer.

With their small size and easy installation, they are suitable for both apartments and detached houses, as well as for business premises such as clinics, restaurants and hotels.

They can be paired with numerous indoor units, including floor consoles, ceiling units, floor heating systems and solar panels for even greater flexibility and cost-efficiency in existing or new heating systems.

Discover Toshiba Estia Heat Pumps here.

* Keymark tests and certifies that the performance and technical characteristics of heat pumps fully comply with European and international standards. Learn more about Keymark here.




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