For us, only excellence can be named Toshiba. In all of our smaller or larger HVAC systems, our primary concern is to create top-quality, long-lasting products.

                     Products designed for excellent performance, engineering to perfection

Digital DC Twin Rotary Inverter Compressor


Ensures a steady rotation speed and reduces any
unwanted vibration. The results are unique:

  • Increased efficiency: The compressor has a
    particularly high efficiency at low rotational speeds and during long-running steady conditions.
  • Energy saving: Thanks to the anti-asymmetric twin-cylinder rotation, the compressor offers great energy savings and
    very powerful and reliable operation.
  • High reliability & low noise level: Stable performance with minimal friction loss. The
    ideal solution for noise-sensitive applications.
    The noise of the outdoor unit during operation is almost negligible, and at the same time it ensures double lifespan for the compressor.

High Corrosion Protection


If you own a residence in a seaside area, then you are definitely aware of the decaying properties of sea salt on most outdoor installations. Toshiba is well aware of the operating problems arising from a corroded machine and has coated the main parts of the outdoor units with high-level corrosion protection. With a Toshiba air conditioner, you will never find yourself in front of the heart-breaking image of a rusty machine that you will soon need to replace.


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